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The book: "Über den Berg... mein Weg zum Glück"

The mountains were a lifeline and a source of inspiration for Waldhof² hostess Dorothea Reiterer Mahlknecht during a very difficult period in her life.

Her moving debut publication "Über den Berg ... mein Weg zum Glück" [Crossing the mountains on my way to happiness] describes how her demanding role as an hotelier lead to a "rapid collapse" and how a hasty trip to Nepal changed everything. The mountains have become her regular companions ever since and not even a diagnosis of breast cancer could change this. The inspiring book that has also given hope to people in similar seemingly hopeless situations has been available for purchase from the Ehrenberg Publishing House Reutte / Tyrol, from bookshops and of course directly from the reception at the Hotel Der Waldhof² since November 2014.

The author has been working at the Waldhof² together with her husband Kuno since the age of 23. Those who know her are aware that she puts all her energy into the role, often working beyond the call of duty and with all her heart and soul. Yet her breaking point was eventually reached. This was the trigger that lead to her first trekking tour in Nepal. And with this first Himalayan experience, everything changed. "Über den Berg" is actually not a classic mountaineering book. Instead it focuses more on the relationship of the South Tyrolean author to the mountains. In fact, there was practically no such relationship in her life for 43 years. Even though she lived in the middle of South Tyrol, she never gave any notice to them, let alone climb them. Her frame of mind and physical state led her to the Himalayas as if through some strange inner intuition. It was here that she consciously perceived the mountains for the first time and they have become the most important part of her soul ever since. Dorothea Reiterer Mahlknecht admits: "For me, there is no life without the mountains. They dominate my thoughts, my dreams and my goals. I am not a mountaineer and also will not become one. It's too late for that. Nevertheless, the mountains offered a way out of a personal life crisis for me. They became my lifeline during chemotherapy. I found my way to happiness!“

The lavishly illustrated book contains, among other things, the complete travel journal of the first Nepal trip, excerpts from the travel journal of the second trip to the Annapurna region and notes taken during her tour to Kilimanjaro. It also narrates of the expedition to Lakpha Ri, the ascent of the Island Peak and the development of someone who had no interest at all in mountaineering into somebody who is virtually obsessed. An "excursion" to Aconcagua in South America and a very special trip to the Ama Dablam in the Solukhumbu District are also part of the content. The diagnosis of "breast cancer" turned the whole world of the author upside down in 2011. And once again it was the mountains that determined how she dealt with the disease. The mountains carried her through a difficult year filled with operations, therapies and hospital visits. And in such a way that even left the physicians treating her in speechless astonishment.

The book “Über den Berg ... mein Weg zum Glück“ (ISBN 978-3-901821-25-7) has been published by the Ehrenberg Publishing House in Reutte / Tyrol, has 168 pages with numerous illustrations, is priced at € 19.80 and can be purchased from book shops or directly in the hotel.