Immerse yourself in forest bathing

You needn’t travel far to go forest bathing at the Waldhof². Just step outside. Or simply cast a glance from your room, the terrace or the relaxation area. The Waldpark is just a deep breath away. Approximately 30,000 square metres of pure nature. Trees as far as the eye can see. The rustle of leaves and the chirping of birds as far as the ear can hear. With a bit of luck, you might spot a squirrel. The interplay of sunlight on the pond enchants the senses. The forest is free to flourish. To grow, to develop, to live. And you’re right in the midst of it. Bathing in the forest.


At the Waldhof², we love celebrations and revel in the opportunity to share them with you. Whether you prefer music, art or culture, our calendar is brimming with captivating events. Come and see for yourself. You’ll surely be amazed!

27.07.2024 Garden concert with As Radford at the Waldhof

The singer and songwriter from England combines his raspy, soulful voice with unique guitar sounds.