Embracing sustainability

At the Waldhof², we embrace the principle that everything around us deserves respect. This belief is the foundation of our design and operations. Nature holds a place of honour here, guiding all that we do. Our aim is to protect and respect the natural world.


Our new extension, the “Waldhaus”, is constructed primarily from abundant wood and other natural materials, perfectly complementing the surrounding landscape. We used locally sourced timber and designed the structure to honour its natural setting. Similarly, the round building, which houses an event sauna and additional relaxation area, represents a tree house and was built with nature in mind. Existing trees were not removed but integrated into the building.


At the Waldhof², we have four beehives. The bees find plenty of food in our Waldpark, which they transform into our very own intense and delicious forest honey. Our hotel also serves as a seasonal habitat for rare wild bees, who grace us with their presence for a few months every spring.

CO2-neutral printing

We have long been working with the Gruber print shop in Lana, the first CO2-neutral print shop in South Tyrol, which also actively supports reforestation projects.

Daylight control

Our outdoor lighting is managed by a daylight control system. This ensures that our economical LED lamps and spotlights are activated only when necessary, avoiding unnecessary usage throughout the night.

E-charging stations

Our hotel car park offers several charging stations for electric cars. Our environmentally conscious guests can easily charge their vehicles here.

Electric garden tools

As we transition towards more and more environmentally friendly practices, some of our garden maintenance tools are already powered by electricity. We want to gradually adopt more sustainable operational methods.

Green roofs

Each of our new extensions features a green roof, reducing its impact on the landscape. These living roofs provide habitats and sustenance for insects and other wildlife.

Natural materials

Wherever possible, we prioritise the use of natural materials. Local wood and stone are prominently featured in all our interior and exterior spaces.

No plastic bottles

We’ve long since abandoned the use of plastic bottles. Instead, we exclusively serve our guests still and sparkling water in glass bottles.

Pellet heating system

We have converted our heating system to run on pellets. With pellet heating, we can heat our hotel in an environmentally friendly manner without relying on oil.


Our in-house photovoltaic system covers 40% of our energy needs. Additionally, three Tesla Powerwalls store surplus energy for future use.

Room slippers

Eliminating plastic-wrapped bathing slippers has long been on our to-do list. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve replaced them with an eco-conscious alternative: linen slippers with cork soles. Additionally, we actively encourage our guests to either bring their own or take these slippers home for continued use.

Social responsibility

We take social responsibility very seriously. For this reason, we work with small suppliers, sponsor local events (club fetes, school balls, chestnut festivals, etc.), organise flea markets for charitable purposes and make an annual donation to the Naturns animal shelter.


We have phased disposable items out of our rooms. Instead, we now provide unpackaged, zero-waste products from Vitalis Dr. Joseph. These items are also available for purchase at the hotel.

Towel change

Hotels generate a significant amount of laundry, which inevitably affects the environment. To mitigate this impact, we practise responsible laundry management by only laundering towels when guests indicate a need for fresh ones – towels left on the floor are laundered, while hung towels are reused.

Vertical greening

To bring even more nature into our new spaces, we’ve embraced vertical greenery. Featuring real plants that are watered automatically, this initiative brings a touch of nature into the hotel.


The Waldpark (forest park) is undoubtedly one of our signature features; it has characterised the essence of the Waldhof² from the beginning. We strive to maintain the forest in its natural state, making a modest yet impactful contribution to biodiversity. This habitat is home to a rich variety of wildlife, including woodpeckers, squirrels, wood pigeons, songbirds, snakes and rodents, while the natural pond teems with diverse creatures. We kindly request that guests help us preserve this natural treasure by refraining from littering the forest with cigarette butts, dog waste bags or any other rubbish.

Waste separation

The practice of meticulously sorting and recycling our waste is ingrained in us all – it is one way to make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Water systems

To support our commitment to sustainability, our taps and toilets are equipped with water-saving features to prevent unnecessary usage.