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Experience your dream holiday in South Tyrol

Experience an unforgettable time in the beautiful Merano region with its numerous attractions and impressive natural beauty. Feel exhilarated by the warmth of the people around you and an atmosphere created for your well-being in our Belvita You & Me Hotel. The idyllic Waldhof forest park is one of our highlights. Our award-winning cuisine ensures heavenly delights for the palate from morning until evening. Enjoy the unique combination of modern design, Italian Dolce Vita and traditional South Tyrolean hospitality in our four-star superior hotel...
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Our Waldhof tip
Of the week!
01. - 07. January
"Genius people are rarely orderly,
orderly rarely genius."
Albert Einstein
Plan / Pfelders A small village in the Hinterpasseier (Passiria Valley)

The idyllic mountain village of Plan (1,622 m), at the end of the Passiria Valley, in the midst of the largest nature park in South Tyrol, the Texel Group, and directly at the foot of the Hohe Wilde (Ötztal Alps - 3,482 m) is full of mysteries and natural beauty.

Plan counts, undoubtedly, amongst the most guaranteed snow and idyllic skiing regions in South Tyrol. Benefitting from the central location on the main Alpine ridge, both the low pressure areas of the south and the north bring abundant snow into the small side valleys of the Passiria region. Therefore, not only skiers, winter hikers and tobogganists, but also free riders and ski tourers get their money’s worth.

08. - 14. January
From the bottom of my soul, my nostrils start to tremble, a giant hunger starts to emerge, for breakfast and for life“. Joachim Ringelnatz
South Tyrolean hard flat bread (Schüttelbrot)


250 g     rye flour

250 ml   water

20 g       yeast

Dissolve the yeast in warm water and stir into a soft dough with the rye flour; leave to stand for one hour at approximately 30°C.


500 g      rye flour

250 g      wheat flour

850 ml    water 30°C

20 g        yeast

20 g        salt

5 g          fennel seeds

5 g          caraway

alternatively 5 g        fenugreek / trigonella


Mix the yeast sponge and all other ingredients and leave to stand for approximately 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, break up 150 g pieces of dough, place on lightly floured cloths and leave to stand for 10 minutes at approximately 85% air humidity. The kneading of the dough pieces requires a particular skill: Place the dough on a pizza sized board and knead it by twisting it in a circular fashion so that the piece of dough becomes thin and spread wide. Bake thoroughly at 210-220°C (upper and lower heat) for approximately 30 minutes.

Tip: The portions of dough can also be left to stand for longer, but then the kneading“ should only be for a lesser period of time.

15. - 21. January
“One recognises a truly good idea by the fact that its implementation appears impossible from the start“. Albert Einstein
Glacier cave in the Senales Valley / Schnalstal

Glaciers in South Tyrol form a fascinating natural space. At the end of the Senales Valley, at the border between Austria and Italy, the Hochjochferner emerges. The glacier extends across a surface area of more than 185 hectares.
The glacier cable car has contributed significantly to the economic development of the Senales Valley. Today, the Senales Valley is a tourist destination, where culture and nature are, to a large extent, preserved.

This image arose at the lower end of the glacier, where with time a large glacier cave opened up which is ideally suited for jumping over.

22. - 28. January
Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Bletterbach gorge

The cold months in South Tyrol offer not only ideal conditions for skiers and snowshoe hikers, but also for ice climbers, who equally get their money’s worth. Of course, during this period, waterways are transformed into frozen ice towers, which are renowned far beyond the Italian border.

The image shows two ice climbers in the Bletterbach GeoParc near Bolzano which is, in summer, a popular and rewarding excursion destination for young and old alike.

29. - 04. February
“I can resist everything, except temptation." Oscar Wilde
Herb vinaigrette


100 g             onion

40 g               mustard

4                    egg yolks

10 g               sugar

40 ml             lemon juice

200 ml           vinegar

150 ml           clear vegetable broth

500 ml           sunflower oil

1/2 bunch      of parsley, chive, basil, dill, Cayenne pepper, white pepper, salt


100 g             onion

40 g               mustard

4                    egg yolks

10 g               sugar

40 ml             lemon juice

200 ml           vinegar

150 ml           clear vegetable broth

500 ml           sunflower oil

1/2 bunch      of chopped parsley, Cayenne pepper, white pepper, salt

05. - 11. February
“The appeal of life is to not take everything for granted, but to still be ready to be surprised.“ Loriot
At Lake Laugen

The 2,182 m high situated Laugensee can be reached in approximately 2.5 hours walking time from the Palade / Gampen Pass, just beyond Lana. Just below the Mount Luco / Laugenspitze, a resting opportunity is available to the weary walker. Firestone discoveries all around the Laugensee are testament to human presence from the middle stone age.


Looking out from the Waldhof to the south-west, the "Kleine Laugen“ (small lake), the neighbour of the "Große Laugen“, is wonderfully visible on the horizon. This image was taken in spring. Although temperatures are already very pleasant during the day, the thermometer can, at such a height, fall to sub-zero temperatures at night, which is why the lake sometimes remains frozen far into the spring.

12. - 18. February
“The art of resting is a part of the art of working.“ John Steinbeck
Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli filled with spinach) For 4 persons


150 g               rye and wheat flour

50 - 60 ml        lukewarm water

1                      egg

1 tbsp.             oil


Mix both types of flour, place it in a circular form on a pasta board and add salt. Whisk the egg together with the lukewarm water and the oil, pour it into the middle of the flour circle and knead it from the inside to the outside into a smooth piece of dough. Leave the dough to stand covered for 30 minutes.


150 g           cooked spinach

100 g           curd cheese

50 g             onion

1 tbsp.         butter

1 tbsp.         parmesan

1 tbsp.         chive

1 pinch of    grated nutmeg

1/2              clove garlic, ground pepper, salt, grated parmesan, butter and finely cut chives to serve


Chop the spinach finely, steam the onion and garlic clove in the butter, add the spinach and leave it to cool down. Add the curd cheese, the parmesan and the chives and season with nutmeg, salt and pepper and stir well.


Spread the dough out thinly with the pasta machine. Prepare the dough as quickly as possible, so that it does not dry out. Cut out pieces of approximately 7 cm diameter with a round, smooth cookie cutter. Insert the filling into the middle with a small spoon. Moisten the rim in water and fold the dough together in a half-moon shape. Immediately press on the rims with your fingers. Cook the Schlutzkrapfen in salty water and dress. Sprinkle with parmesan and serve with brown butter and chives.
Cooking time: 3-4 minutes

26. - 01. April
“Luck often arises through attention to small things, bad luck often through neglect of small things.“ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Raffeiner Orchid World

The South Tyrol orchid thrives in the 300 sunny days of the year and the mild, almost Mediterranean climate, prospering into a particularly healthy, vigorous and lively beauty. Valtl Raffeiner had already recognised this many years ago. His passion for orchids lead to him taking advantage of the excellent conditions prevalent in South Tyrol to delight people with the outstanding high-quality and colourful diversity of orchids.


More than 12,000 plants have been embedded in the jungle at the Raffeiner Orchid World in Gargazzone, covering a greenhouse space of more than 6,000 m². Visitors can expect over 500 different types of orchids showcasing a true natural spectacle of colours, shapes and aromas. At least six visits are needed in a year to truly appreciate all this abundant flowering.

26. - 04. March
“When you wake up in the morning, remember what a priceless treasure it is to be able to live, breath and be happy.“ Marcus Aurelius
Spring in the Merano region

The first warm rays of sunshine in the Merano region promise only the very best: flourishing apple orchards, sunny water channels, interesting events to welcome the awakening of spring and much more. The Merano spring always brings good spirits. At this time of the year, you should not miss, for example, a visit to the beautiful gardens of the Trauttmansdorff Castle or the Haflinger horse racing at the Merano racecourse. And, of course, the renowned Blossom Festival days at the beginning of April, with numerous events in and around Lana, which can be reached from the hotel by means of public transport.

The farmers' market with regional delicacies in the centre of Lana is one of the highlights of the Blossom Festival. The event offers the opportunity to savour, enjoy and buy quality, local products from countless stands.

05. - 11. March
“To enjoy means to be happy – with yourself and with others.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Geeister Kaiserschmarrn (parfait) For 6 persons
6              eggs
125 g       sugar
100 g       Savoiardi (sponge lady fingers)
350 g       cream
2 leaves   gelatine
brown sugar for flaming

Soften the gelatine leaves in cold water. Gently beat the cream. Cut the sponge fingers into cubes. Beat the eggs and the sugar until frothy. Dissolve the gelatine and stir it into the egg-sugar mixture. Add the cut up sponge fingers and fold in the whipped cream into the dough. Season with rum and vanilla. Pour into a baking plate or single portions and freeze. Flame with brown sugar 2 hours before serving.
12. - 18. March
"Give every day the chance to be the most beautiful day of your life." Mark Twain
Spring at the Waldhof

As we extended the sunbathing lawns in 2009, we decided to plant this beautiful tree in its place. When the Waldhof gradually opens its gates again in spring, the wild plum tree will soon be showing itself in all its beautiful splendour. The rosy pink coloured blossoms amaze us and our guests every year.


The tree serves equally as a valuable shaded area in summer, the clusters of foliage in autumn as a winter quarter for hedgehogs.

19. - 25. March
"All that is against nature cannot last in the long run." Charles Darwin
Speckknödel (bacon dumpling) For 4 persons (around 8 dumplings)
80 g         bacon, cut into fine cubes
1/2           onion
150 g       bread cubes
20 g         butter
40 g         flour
100 ml     milk or water
2              eggs
1 tbsp.    finely sliced parsley

Steam the diced pieces of onion in butter; pour over the bread and mix. Mix in the flour and bacon. Stir the eggs, milk, parsley and salt, pour it over the bread and blend everything well. Leave the mixture to marinate for approximately 15 minutes, form the dumplings and leave to simmer, half-covered in salty water.
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