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Find out about our Merano region before you even come on holiday and download a range of useful apps to your smartphone, mostly free of charge, from the comfort of your own home!

We have put together a selection for your iPhone / iPad or provided links (for your Android device, you are bound also to be able to find the corresponding apps in your store). There is a huge choice of interesting programs. For self-confessed South Tyrol enthusiasts, by the way, there is also an original game to help you playfully explore the unique dialect.

Here’s a small selection of iTunes apps:

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Mobile guide to South Tyrol
The “Mobile guide to South Tyrol” lists restaurants in South Tyrol but also events, attractions, walks, scenic viewpoints, and the weather forecast.
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Trekking in South Tyrol
With around 600 tour suggestions and fully equipped with the all associated information, this interactive app is a must-have for real fans of hiking in South Tyrol.

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Emergency services in South Tyrol
The “Emergency services in South Tyrol” app shows you all the doctors currently on duty and pharmacies in South Tyrol.

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sentres South Tyrol
The “sentres” app acts as a travel guide and outdoor satnav for South Tyrol. Here you can, for example, download a map of South Tyrol. It also displays a lot of tours with GPS, images and driving directions. Also listed are natural and cultural highlights along with tips for restaurants.

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South Tyrol news
Here you will find the regional news for South Tyrol - and, of course, everything that goes with it (weather, culture, sport...)

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Stol Mobile
Yet another an informative news app for South Tyrol - regional news on many topics.

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Bruckmann mountain bike tours
For cycling enthusiasts: With the “Bruckmann mountain bike tours”, cycling enthusiasts need never be without their personal tour guide to nine Alpine regions: From the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, via South Tyrol, all the way down to Trentino, with up to 28 tours per region.