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The history

The Waldhof² was opened in 1973 and has been family-owned ever since then. The founder, Ivo Mahlknecht, passed the management on during the early years and later leased the hotel out. Nephew Kuno Mahlknecht inherited the business in 1988 and has managed it ever since together with his wife Dorothea.

The Waldhof² has grown harmoniously over the years. It has been modernised and constantly adapted to meet the requirements of the guests. In doing so, we have always taken great care to preserve the style of the hotel, to combine tradition with modernity and to offer our guests the highest living and holiday comfort as well as to maintain the uniqueness of this location with its special place nestled in a 30,000 m² forest park.

Constant renovations and innovations have followed us throughout the years.

We took a huge step during the winter of 2008/09 by exquisitely expanding the hotel and adapting it to the surroundings while adding a variety of new features to the original building.

In 2019, a major refurbishment was due. In the spring we were able to present a sensational 22-meter-long panorama infinity pool, a newly designed large panoramic indoor pool with jet stream, a spacious forest event sauna and a new relaxation room with a dream view to our guests.