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Sustainabilityat the Hotel Der Waldhof

We love the nature surrounding our hotel, which gives us many precious moments of pleasure. Preserving this beauty for future generations and maintaining the quality of life of our planet are a matter close to our hearts. Sustainability is therefore not merely a buzzword at the Waldhof, but is something we implement conscientiously and in a variety of ways.

See for yourself:
The 2009 extension consists of natural materials and plenty of wood. It was built in such a way that it blends in well with the landscape. Trees from the surrounding area were used. The current extension is a tree house and was built with respect for nature. Trees were not removed, but integrated into the building.
Green roofs
The new wings all include green roofs to keep the impact on the landscape to a minimum. Animals such as insects can continue to find habitat and food on the roof surfaces.
We have three beehives on our property which we use to produce our own honey. The bees receive plenty of nourishment in our forest park, which they transform into an intense and delicious forest honey. Rare wild bees also live next to our hotel, which can only be seen for a few months during spring.
CO2-neutral printing
We have been working with Gruber Druckerei in Lana, the first CO2-neutral print shop in South Tyrol, which also actively supports reforestation projects, for many years now.
Electric gardening equipment
We have recently switched some of our gardening equipment to electric. Others will follow soon.
Waste sorting
We carefully separate and recycle waste. A significant contribution to environmental protection.
EV charging point
We also offer a charging point on our hotel car park for electric cars. This means that our climate-friendly travelling guests can conveniently charge their vehicles here.
Natural materials
We use natural materials wherever possible. Local wood and stone are preferred.
Changing towels
There is plenty of laundry in a hotel. This does, of course, have an impact on water and the environment. This is why we only wash when our guests inform us that they wish for us to do so by laying towels on the floor. Any towels that are still hung up will continue to be used.
No plastic bottles in the hotel
We have not used plastic bottles of any kind for a long time now. We serve you water in glass bottles.
Daylight control
Our outdoor lighting is managed by a daylight control system. As a result, the economical LED lamps and spotlights only switch on when they are really needed and do not shine through the whole night.
Pellet heating
We now use pellets for our heating. In doing so, we are able to heat our hotel in an environmentally friendly manner and therefore do without oil.
Social responsibility
We take our social responsibility very seriously. This is why we work together with small suppliers, sponsor local events (club festivals, graduation balls, chestnut fairs...), organise flea markets for charitable purposes and make annual donations to the Naturno animal shelter.
Vertical greening
We have chosen vertical greening to bring even more nature into our new areas. Real plants that are automatically watered and therefore bring a piece of nature into the hotel.
Forest park
The forest park is certainly one of our flagship attractions and has characterised the Waldhof from the very beginning. We try to leave the forest to itself and in doing so, contribute a small part to biodiversity. Many animals call the forest their home (woodpeckers, squirrels, pigeons, songbirds, snakes and rodents) and life in the natural pond is certainly abundant. Please do not leave any cigarette butts, dog bags or other waste in the forest so that our natural jewel is preserved.
Water conservation systems
Taps and toilets are fitted with a conservation function so that water is not consumed unnecessarily.
Hotel toiletries
We have removed disposable items from our rooms and instead offer Fair Trade products from Fair CosmEthics. Feel free to also purchase the products directly from us.
Room slippers
Bathing slippers wrapped in plastic have long been a thorn in our side. We have now finally replaced them with slippers wrapped in a paper sleeve. Unfortunately, we cannot entirely do without artificial materials here yet, since natural materials are not really suitable for wet floors. But we are working on it. We also encourage our guests to take the slippers home with them or to bring their own.
Cooperation with suppliers
#HOF2 is our new seal that we have been working with since 2019. The objective is to use only products from the surrounding area one day a week. We now cooperate with several small farms, which supply us with their products for this day. The farmers bring their craft closer to our guests during guided visits organised by the hotel. The products can all be purchased "directly from the farm".