South Tyrol always wears winter well.

Considering a winter getaway in South Tyrol? A great idea!

A journey of reflection. The winter holiday season in South Tyrol. Nature slumbers beneath a blanket of white. The forests don their sparkling winter attire, and the sun casts a fiery glow over the snow-capped mountain peaks against the intensely blue sky. It’s a sight to behold – one that never fails to captivate the eye. The crisp scent of the winter air gently caresses the senses. Inspired? Excellent! In the cold season, the Waldhof² reveals its enchanting winter charm. And there’s something for everyone. 

Skiing in the Meran region

Snow, skis and a cheerful disposition are all you need for a memorable skiing holiday in the Meran area. And glorious sunshine is an added bonus! The three fantastic nearby ski areas of Ultental, Schnalstal and Meran 2000 offer everything a winter sports enthusiast could desire: challenging slopes, fun-filled halfpipes and plenty of après-ski action at the mountain huts.


Your snowshoes leave big tracks in the deep snow as you immerse yourself in the distinctive winter allure of South Tyrol, far removed from the ski resorts and busy slopes. It’s a uniquely serene experience – only the sound of your footsteps crunching through the snow and the comforting melodies of nature surround you. And your breath, in its rhythmic counterpoint. An extensive network of trails and adventurous routes stretches across the Meran region, into small side valleys and across high plateaus up to above the tree line. The view up there is nothing short of breathtaking!

Ski touring in South Tyrol

Ski touring opens up a whole new realm of snow-filled adventures. Trade the ski lifts for climbing skins and ascend on foot with skis strapped to your feet. Your heart rate quickens with each step, anticipation building as you climb higher. The joy you feel during the subsequent descent through soft powder snow is truly indescribable – you really must experience it for yourself. Consider it for your next winter holiday in South Tyrol. However, never embark on a ski tour without the essential equipment; an avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel and up-to-date information on weather and snow conditions in South Tyrol are all essential for a safe and enjoyable tour.

Tobogganing in South Tyrol

Tie your snow boots tightly and trek uphill, towing your toboggan behind you. Once you reach the top, take a break at a cosy mountain hut before descending into the valley at speeds that will soon have your toboggan runners sizzling hot. If you go tobogganing in South Tyrol, you’re in for a thrilling ride! There’s plenty of fun to be had on the easily accessible toboggan runs near the Waldhof², including those at Meran 2000, in Ultental and on Vigiljoch. Don’t have a toboggan? No worries – you can hire one! And here’s a pro tip: try night tobogganing for an extra dose of excitement!

Cross-country skiing in South Tyrol

Is cross-country skiing your passion? You’re in luck! South Tyrol boasts an impressive network of cross-country ski trails through forests and meadows – a total of 1,800 kilometres, to be exact. Whether you prefer classic or skating style, you’ll find everything you love about cross-country skiing here. Bask in the sun’s warmth on your back and breathe in the crisp, wintry air – all free of charge.