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Merano spring

23. – 26 April 2020
Location: Merano and surrounding area

A festival that encompasses different initiatives to enhance and creatively use the green spaces of Merano. As part of the “Merano Spring“, amongst other things, themed pathways will be formed and events implemented with the focus on "Art and Nature“. A supporting programme, rich in variety, will round off the event.

Information: www.meran.eu

South Tyrol balance

April - June 2020
Location: Merano and surrounding area

Step out for a time and find your own happy medium. Unwind, feel at ease and enjoy time for yourself: South Tyrol Balance is a proposal for all, who, during the spring months of April to June, wish to do something for their vitality and zest for life. In the Merano region the localities of Merano, Lagundo, Marlengo, Scena, the Passiria Valley, Lana and surroundings, Parcines, Naturno, the Senales Valley, Nalles, Avelengo-Verano-Merano 2000 (skiing and hiking area), the Ultimo Valley and Tesimo-Prissiano offer selected adventures and experiences appropriate to these themes.

Information: www.suedtirol.info/balance

Blossom festival days in Lana

01. – 19. April 2020
Location: Lana
One of the highlights of the blossom festival days is the rural pleasure mile in the middle of the historic village centre of Lana. Approximately 30 farmers stalls and four gastronomy stalls await you with their own healthy products that are labelled with the "Roter Hahn“ seal of quality and are presented by the producers themselves.

Information: Lana Tourism Association, Tel. +39 0473 561 770, www.lana.info

Lagundo flower and plant market

April/May 2020
Location: Lagundo / Algund

A large diversity of plants and flowers as well as an array of other appealing products from the northern Italian region await selection by the visitor. The range on offer includes the most diverse Mediterranean plants. In addition, different varieties of fruit and berry species, among them many old varieties, and a large selection of different types of roses, balcony flowers, vegetable plants and herbs are offered.

Information: Lagundo / Algund Tourism Association, Tel. +39 0473 448 600, www.algund.info


Asfaltart 2020(street artists festival)

12. – 14. June 2020
Location: Merano

The 14th International Street Artists Festival. Children and adults alike delight in the colourful programme of the International Street Artist Festival "Asfaltart“. Clowns, puppet show performers, trapeze artists, jugglers, pantomime acts and acrobats can all be gazed at in amazement during the festival.

Information: Kurverwaltung Meran, Tel. +39 0473 272 000, www.asfaltart.it & www.meran.eu


Traditional Mountain Fire - Celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

21. June 2020
Location: South Tyrol

The ancient custom of lighting fires for the Sacred Heart of Jesus celebration has taken place in South Tyrol since 1796. It dates back to the time of the midsummer festival celebrations and underwent a patriotic reinterpretation in the Tyrolean freedom wars (1796 – 1809). The fires are set alight all along the mountain ridges and on the slopes until late into the night.

Information: South Tyrol Tourism Information, Tel. +39 0471 999 999, www.suedtirol.info


38th South Tyrol Jazz Festival

26. June – 05. July 2020
Location: Merano

Renowned jazz musicians from South Tyrol and the most diverse of countries appear in unique settings and enthral with unbridled playing joy; for example at the Kallmünz Castle in Merano or at the Fahlburg Castle in Prissiano – Tesimo.

Information: Kurverwaltung Meran, Tel. +39 0473 272 000, www.suedtiroljazzfestival.com


Long Thursday in Lana

June/August 2020
Location: Lana

June to August is the time of the “Long Thursday“ in the centre of Lana. These evenings have enjoyed enormous popularity for years, allowing for an exuberant atmosphere in the hot summer evenings with an entertainment programme rich in variety.


Merano town festival

07. – 08 August 2020
Location: Merano

Abundant gastronomy, music and entertainment in the centre of Merano, organised by the tradition-rich societies of Merano. Whoever wishes to truly experience Merano should not miss the 2020 town festival.

Information: facebook.com/MeranerStadtfest/

Merano autumn

Beginning of September to the middle of November 2020
Location: Merano and surrounding area

The Merano autumn is fittingly celebrated in all its colourful splendour. The events are just as colourful as the spa town and its surrounding areas. The focal point of the events are all the pleasures of the grape harvest and fruit harvest as well as folklore and tradition. Selected businesses in Merano and the surrounding areas offer typical autumn dishes and regional products.

Information: www.merano-suedtirol.it/meranerherbst

Grape festival

16. – 18. October 2020
Location: Merano

The Merano grape festival is a harvest festival, extremely rich in tradition, whose highlight every year is the great festival procession of various bands and magnificently decorated floats through the town centre.

Information: Kurverwaltung Meran, Tel. +39 0473 272 000, www.meran.eu

"Keschtnriggl" chestnut days festival

October/November 2020
Foiana / Völlan, Tesimo / Tisens
During these days, the visitor will gain an insight into the culture and traditions of this region and learn interesting facts about sweet chestnuts and their importance to the area.
Selected restaurants will spoil you with traditional and modern chestnut dishes, ensuring culinary surprises.

Information: www.keschtnriggl.it/programm.html

Merano wine festival

06. – 10. November 2020
Location: Merano

This is one of the most exclusive and elegant wine and food events ever: Wine producers from Italy but also from all over the world present their top products at the "Merano Wine Festival“. Organic and bio-dynamically produced wines also form a focal point of the festival.

Information: Kurverwaltung Meran, Tel. +39 0473 272 000, www.meranowinefestival.com

Christmas in Merano

29. November 2019 – 06. January 2020
Location: Merano

The Merano Christmas Market is surrounded by the magic of Christmas time. An extensive supporting programme of music, children’s entertainment, living customs and handicraft provides variation every day. Oversized, multicoloured and comfortably equipped "Thermal Balls“ surprise the visitors at the elegant thermal square.

Information: Kurverwaltung Meran, Tel. +39 0473 272 000, www.meran.eu

"Sterntaler" Christmas Market in Lana

Location: Foiana / Völlan, town hall square – pedestrian zone

The traditional and atmospheric Christmas Market in the centre of Lana invites you to marvel, stroll and savour. On festively decorated stalls, you will find craftsmanship exclusively from South Tyrol, as well as delicious delicacies and specialities from South Tyrol

Information: www.lana.info


13. - 20. May
"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." Seneca
Bauernbrotnockerln (a kind of farmhouse dumpling) with cheese sauce for 8 persons


500 g      dumpling bread, black

300 g      milk

180 g      curd cheese

1.5          eggs

1.5         egg yolks

100 g     boiled potatoes

50 g       rye flour


Mix everything together except the rye flour and allow the flavours to blend for 20 minutes. Then pass the entire mix through a meat grinder. Add the rye flour. (Form dumplings out of it). Briefly boil and drain the Bauernbrotnockerln.



20 g         butter

150 g       cheese (Emmental, Edam, taleggio)

200 ml     cream

30 g        parmesan

1             clove of garlic, chopped

1 tbsp.    parsley
               salt, pepper

Melt the butter and sauté the garlic. Slice the cheese, add to a pot with the cream and melt. Once the sauce is creamy, add salt and pepper. Add parsley and the parmesan cheese before serving.

21. - 26. May
"No one knows the extent of his own powers till he has tested them." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Heini Holzer via ferrata in Merano

Whether you choose the numerous fixed-rope routes or alpine terrain: South Tyrol offers endless possibilities for climbing, not just for professionals, but also for children and families.


The 550-m-long climb, which is perfectly secure thanks to a 1000-m length of steel cable, offers medium levels of difficulty and is suitable for less strong Alpine climbers or families with kids who like climbing and walking (ages 10 and up). If you want to go on this fixed-rope climb, you need to set out early and be in good general condition.


The picture shows a climber at sunrise who has reached just the end of the via ferrata and is now climbing the last few metres to the summit of the Ifinger Mountain.

27. May - 02. June
"Happiness: the state of quietly laughing oneness with the world." Hermann Hesse
Saltimbocca alla Romana For 4 persons

8             veal escalopes, 60 g each

8             small slices of dry-cured ham

2 tbsp.   flour

2 tbsp.   oil for frying

30 g       butter

30 ml     white wine

200 ml   meat broth (see vegetable risotto)

8            small sage leaves
              salt, pepper


If necessary, remove the remaining tendons from the veal escalopes, tap with the meat tenderiser. Season the meat with a little salt, since the ham is already salty, and pepper and top with the sage leaves as well as the dry-cured ham. Sprinkle the meat side lightly with flour and slowly fry in a hot frying pan in a little oil, first on the ham side, then on the meat side. Now add a little butter to the meat, after a short time remove the meat from the pan and keep warm. Douse the cooking residues in the pan with white wine and add the broth. Let the sauce cook for a while and pour over the saltimbocca.

03. - 09. June
“It's amazing what a single ray of sunshine can do for the soul of a human being.” Fyodor Dostoevsky
Spinach spaetzli with ham and cream sauce for 4-6 persons

700 g     fresh spinach

300 g     flour

1 tbsp.   salt

4            eggs

1/8 l      milk

20 g      butter

200 g    cured ham, finely sliced

1/8 l      white wine

1/8 l      cream

2 tbsp.  finely grated parmesan


Clean the spinach, wash thoroughly and drain. In a pot, bring plenty of salted water to the boil and cook the spinach in batches for about a minute and drain. Squeeze out the remaining water and pass the spinach through a food mill. You can, if you wish, chop the spinach very finely instead.
In a large bowl, thoroughly mix the flour, salt and eggs with a spoon. Gradually add the milk and beat the mixture until bubbles start to appear. Stir the spinach in thoroughly. Rub the dough through a spaetzli slicer into a large pan of boiling salted water. Boil for about 3 minutes until the noodles rise to the surface. Remove with a slotted spoon, shock with cold water and allow to dry.
Melt the butter in a pan, add the white wine and ham, and cook briefly. Pour over the cream and bring to the boil. Add the parmesan and season with salt and pepper.
Add to the spinach dumplings, stir and serve.

10. - 16. June
“If you do not know your roots, you have nothing on which to stand.” Stefan Zweig
Sacred Heart of Jesus Festival in South Tyrol

The tradition of mountain fires goes back to the 19th century and commemorates the pledge given to the heart of Jesus.


In 1796, in the face of the danger posed by the troops of Napoleon I, Tyrolean estates promised solemnly to entrust the country to the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" and to renew this pledge annually. The first Sunday after the feast of Corpus Christi (June) was selected as Sacred Heart of Jesus Sunday.
Andreas Hofer renewed the vow before the battle of Bergisel against the French and Bavaria. Hofer's troops won a surprising victory, and Sacred Heart of Jesus Sunday accordingly became a high public holiday. The tradition is kept alive by the mountain fires which are lit on this special Sunday and light up the skies over South Tyrol.


The mountain fires themselves also have a historical background: In times of war, mountain fires were kindled as an illuminated sign marking the agreed start of a battle...

17. - 23. June
“There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Asfaltart Merano turned upside down

The festival of street artists in Merano is a must for every summer family holiday in Merano and environs.


In June, the spa town is turned on its head, making room for clowns, artistes, fire-eaters, dancers, jugglers, tightrope walkers and musicians. During the three-day festival of street artists entitled "Asfaltart", the centre of Merano turns into one huge circus ring.


For a short period, this festival makes a mockery of the order that otherwise prevails in the town. Jolly clowns bring a smile to the faces of passers-by and tightrope acrobats at lofty heights cause even stressed business people to pause and look up. Of course, "Asfaltart" is also a special experience for families with children. Where else would you see so many crazy goings-on on the streets?


The picture shows slackliner Benjamin Kofler who, with this high line, strung between the Polveriera ruin (Pulverturm) and the tower of the Merano parish church, set a new world record for the longest urban high line at an amazing 159 m!

24. - 30. June
“Good morning, open your eyes, smile, shine and let the sun caress your face. Life is a gift, enjoy it every day.”
Cream of carrot soup with ginger For 4 persons

1/2          onion

1             clove of garlic

50 ml      white wine

300 g      carrots

20 g        ginger

800 ml    vegetable broth

400 ml    cream

               butter for sautéing
               a pinch of sugar
               salt, pepper


Finely chop the onion and the garlic clove and sauté in a little butter. Finely chop the carrot and ginger, and sauté with a pinch of sugar. Douse with white wine and pour in the vegetable broth. Cook gently until the carrots are soft.
Mix everything together, season with salt and pepper and refine with the cream.


Here’s a tip from the chef: Cut the carrots into 1 cm pieces so that they get soft faster, otherwise the soup will become too spicy because of the ginger!

01. - 07. July
"Wisdom cannot be communicated. If a wise man tries to communicate it, wisdom sounds like foolishness." Hermann Hesse
Merano high mountain trail

Taking the Hochmuth cable car, you will reach the Muthöfe farms at 1,400 metres above Merano, which are surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape with unique panoramic views of Merano and the Adige Valley.


The farms are located on the Merano high mountain trail, one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the entire Alpine region. It runs for a total of 100 km around the Texel Group nature park and can be walked in 5 to 8 days.


The trail is divided into southern and northern circumnavigations. Thanks to the different ascent and descent options, hikes along the Merano high mountain trail can be started or interrupted at numerous points. Lodges and mountain huts provide rest and accommodation en route.

08. - 14. July
“And every beginning conceals its own magic, which protects us and helps us to live." Hermann Hesse
Cheesecake dessert For 4 persons

For the cream

275 g          philadelphia (cream cheese)

1/2 stick      vanilla

20 g            egg yolk

40 g            sugar mix

100 g          egg white

100 g          sugar for whipping


2 leaves     gelatine

150 g  whipped cream.


Whisk the egg whites until foamy, then add 2 leaves of gelatine.

Gently fold in the cream and store in the refrigerator.



500 g              philadelphia (cream cheese)

500 g              water

125 g              sugar

83 g                invert sugar

3 leaves          of gelatine

3 pieces          lemon peel and juice


Mix and freeze in an ice cream maker.




50 g butter

60 g sugar

75 g hazelnut semolina

75 g flour

Mix everything together and knead, grate onto the baking paper and bake at 110°C. Then allow to dry for 4 hours.

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